Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Under The Thumb

So, did I mention my brakes went bad? Yep - everytime I stopped the car I came to a grinding hault...literally.
I was riding my brakes metal on metal which I had no idea was a bad thing. I mean, I knew it didnt sound healthy, but really...what do I know about cars?

Sunday, I went to a brake repair shop (cough, cough FIRESTONE), and was told it would cost something around $275 to get them fixed. Fortunately, I have friends with connections and got hooked up with a good mechanic who did the work for $40! I ended up paying $140 for 2 new brake pads and 2 rotors. Saved myself just about a hundred. Brilliant!

Yeah, except I didn't really have that money to replace the brakes.

I ended up taking $175 from my deposit money that needs to be paid on the 28th. So, of course, my budget for next paycheck is completely screwed. I also owe people money now.

As sad as I am that I had this unexpected expense come up I'm sort of relieved also. I have this horrible habit of putting things off (especially when it comes to maintaining my car) that really need to be taken care of ASAP. I kind of feel good about being able to get the problem fixed so quickly and 'technically' having the money to do it. Is that weird?


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