Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Making Ends Meet

Over the weekend I was given a very BIG and HORRIBLE reminder of why I started this blog. I have been looking at this apartment for about a month now, and finally submitted my application (with co-signer) along with the fees for that ($50) and the first month's rent ($575). Of course, not an hour after I had applied, the woman called me back to notify me that my credit app had been denied (shocker).

At that moment, a lot of thoughts went through my head. First, of course, was *($@#^@. Then I started to get irritated about putting myself in this situation. I've said before that I've made a lot of stupid decisions, especially when I had SEVERAL opportunities to pay off my debt, which I'm kicking myself for now, but I'm trying to get back out of this hole. I was really upset about being irresponsible, I was upset at my parents for being irresponsible (neither one could co-sign for me because of credit problems), I was upset with the management company for not being more understanding (I sent a letter to the woman explaining my situation beforehand), and I was just generally stressed because I happened to be leaving town that day and was totally unprepared.

I ended up asking a friend for help. That made me feel even more uncomfortable, but she told me sometimes you just have to accept help when it's available. So, despite struggling with all of this over the weekend, the management company called today and said they are mailing out my lease! There are a few small financial details to be worked out, but I'll have to talk more about that later. Headed to class...


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