Thursday, July 06, 2006

Who's A Good Girl?

Alright! Cupcakes all around! The lovely beachgirl just gave me an ING referral and helped me take that first step into my LOFTY savings goals. Eh, not really lofty...I just know how SLOW to follow through with anything I can be, so today is a big deal! Guess what else I did people?! Yessss, I finally called to have my previous 401k rolled over. ANDDDD I setup my new 401k today. 3 for 3 man! Next up, complete the rollover, setup ING Roth IRA, and setup HSBC e-fund. I am trying my hand at using Microsoft Money 2006 just to see if I can track what's going out vs. what's coming in. Since I also managed to collect some $$ that was owed yesterday, I was seriously considering taking a good portion and cutting my debt in half. I checked my balances today and here's what came up:

HSBC - 576.29
Orchard - 540.74
JCP - 391.21
Capital One - 472.93

So, I have 1000$ I can use. My only dilemma is whether to spread it across all 4 or knock out JCP and Capital One and leave the other two for my DMP.

So yeah, who wants a cupcake?


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