Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekend Confesssional

So, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but just in case you weren't all aware, I have a problem. I am absolutely addicted to buying sh-- I don't need. I posted previously about needing to track my spending and when I left work Friday (after giving myself a pep talk) I had resolved not to spend more than $30 this weekend. I ended up spending $80. Under normal circumstances, this would be "fine", but it just so happens that I've been spending this way for the past week and I have some bills that I'm behind on. I originally intended to take the money I got paid Friday and deposit it into my account to cover the payment that I had scheduled. Yeah, that didn't happen. That leaves me with $150 in cash, $15 in the bank, and 2 bills totaling $355 that should've been paid already. I suck at life...

My financial irresponsibilty manages to rear its ugly head again and I'm left feeling ashamed and disappointed in myself. I know better than this. WTF am I doing? It's probably quite obvious now why I am still in debt. I have the opportunity to take care of my business and I flake out. So, now that I've purged, I have to spend this week trying to get back up and handle this. On that note, a post from lifehacker on how to trick yourself out of not buying stuff!


Blogger RJ said...

I frequently try to not spend money for - like, a day or two - and I never seem to be able to do it. Its insane. I guess I need to accept that some people are made to be consumers.
On the bright side - I bet you have a lot of cool stuff.

12:17 PM  

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