Friday, June 23, 2006

Pinching the Pennies

After an almost 2 week hiatus and far too many online purchases, the guilt was finally starting to overwhelm me. Earlier this week I got started with tracking my spending in an excel spreadsheet. I hoping that I will somehow shock myself into spending less. So far nothing, but I'm optimistic. I had a hairy situation with my bank account a couple of weeks ago, but I'm happy to report everything is back on track. Sometimes I feel like I'm managing my money properly, but there are times when I make slip-ups and that of course throws everything off. I wrote out a little check list of things I need to take care of this next month. First being rolling my 401k from my old job to my new job and getting my contributions set up. After that's taken care of I need to open my ING account and get funds set up for my HSBC account. I want to put 10% into 401k and 50$ to each savings account each pay. That ends up being about 450$ saved each month, which is managable for me right now. I still have many more month of my Debt Management Program (especially since I missed a payment last month), so I want to try and pay double on that every month. Right now my biggest challenge is buying crap online. I am seriously considering ordering a new debit card from the bank because I've memorized my # and that just makes things way to easy.

In the past week I've ordered:
Skin Care Products - 25$
3 Art Prints - 70$
Car Charger for my phone - 25$
25+ Songs from iTunes - 25$

I could've saved that :(


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