Friday, October 06, 2006

7th Edition of Festival of Under 30 Finances! (let's hope I don't screw it up)

Ah, once again - I am HARDLY doing this carnival justice, so forgive me. My question for this edition was:
What method have you found works best when changing jobs and negociating a higher salary and/or benefits? What are the deal makers or breakers for you?

The responses I received were pretty helpful. Unfortunately everyone couldn't answer, but thanks to those who did!

HC: Well, my method for getting a better job was to go to grad school, but that obviously doesn't work for everyone. I will say that I had several competing offers come in at the same time, and was therefore able to get a salary boost from my ultimate employer. So my advice would be not to settle too much on one dream job, because several offers give one room to negotiate. As far as deal makers and breakers, I do want a relatively flexible leave policy. It's so important to be able to take time to care for one's family. Obviously salary and the usual benefits matter a lot, but if it comes down to a place that will allow me to take extra leave and one that won't, I'll go with the one that will.

Kira: Well, being awesome has always been my basic strategy for securing higher pay. Be better than everyone else - and be worth the higher salary. It won't strain your relationship with a future boss to say, "I'd like to ask for $X+5k, can you accommodate that?" Just gotta be a little bit brave...

Susan: After far too much exposure to awful resumes, I think that what many young people need to work on first is ensuring that their resume is good--it's really the first step. You can have the best interviewing and negotiating skills around, but the resume's still what gets you in the door.

Laura: A good strategy that I have heard but not yet used myself is to ask that your salary requirement be met after 6 months if the company is not willing to meet it initially. Your employer feels secure that they don't have to pay up if you're doing a bad job and you get the salary you want after a short wait.

Now for the GOODS!

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Anonymous Jen said...

Hello Jessica, this is awesome stuff! It's great that everyone has their secret tips on saving money. By the way, I've been reading your blog for a while. Now I have started my own and I hope you can visit and link to it ( Thanks!

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Angela Randall said...

I love David's article on Budgeting. So many 20-30 year olds have no idea whatsoever how to budget. I had to help a friend write a budget AFTER she had bought a house because she had no idea if she could afford the repayments. Crazy!


9:18 PM  
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