Friday, August 18, 2006

Letting It All Hang Out

Well kids, it's been one of those weeks...

My spending has been ok, I tried not to eat out as much this week. Broke down yesterday. Oops!
I have an 'unexpected' expense coming up on Saturday (cable install - 130$) which I really don't have the money for. I also have to order 3 books for an online class (probably about 50$) and also make to next Friday. Wednesday, I 'accidently' went buck nutty on eBay and bought 3 things (61.09$) that I have to pay for ASAP.

Current Account Balance: 131.96$

I have a refund check floating out in space somewhere for around 200$. I also have a sidejob paycheck coming for about the same amount. No real idea when these will be paid to me.

I have about 30$ in my Paypal account which I can't access because I need to re-verify.

I also have my ING e-fund: 25.40$

And another 20$ stashed in my closet for EXTREME emergencies...

It's times like these when the tracker is useful for reminding myself how foolish I am with my money. SO, I guess my plans for this weekend will involve some hustlin'



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